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/-aashk-/ medial

wave (of water)
agwaayaashkaa vii waves come ashore
animaashkaa vii waves go away (in the other direction)
apagadaashkaa vii waves beat against something
bagamaashkaa vii waves move in, come in
bakiteyaashkaa vii waves hit against something
bakwebiigaashkaa vii the waves dirty the water; the waves make the water turbid, roiled, or muddy
bimaashkaa vii waves go by
biidaashkaa vii waves come here
dabasaashkaa vii the waves are low
gizhiiweweyaashkaa vii the waves are loud
inaashkaa vii waves come a certain way, to a certain place
inweweyaashkaa vii waves make a certain sound
madweyaashkaa vii waves can be heard, "you" can hear the waves
mamadweyaashkaa vii it (waves) can be heard
mamaangaashkaa vii there are big waves
minweweyaashkaa vii the waves sound nice
ondaashkaa vii waves come from a certain place or direction
waasaashkaa vii it (lake) has whitecaps