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/-aanimad/ final

wind blows
This contains a medial /-aanim-/'wind' and a vii final /-ad/.
animaanimad vii the wind blows away (in the other direction)
animweweyaanimad vii the wind is heard blowing away (in the other direction)
apagadaanimad vii it winds blows against or into something
apiitaanimad vii it (wind) has a certain speed, has a certain strength
aabaakawaanimad vii the wind dies down
aabidaanimad vii the wind doesn't let up, blows continuously
aazhawaanimad vii the wind blows across
bagamaanimad vii there is a gust of wind
bedaanimad vii there is a light wind, a slow wind
bimaanimad vii the winds blows along
bimidaanimad vii it wind blows across, there is a crosswind
bimweweyaanimad vii the wind is heard blowing, heard going along
biidaanimad vii the wind comes, blows this way
biidweweyaanimad vii the wind is heard coming
biindaanimad vii the wind blows in
biindigeyaanimad vii the wind blows inside
biinjidawaanimad vii the wind blows into river or bay from a lake
boonaanimad vii the wind lets up, dies down
dakaanimad vii it is a cold wind
dawaanimad vii the wind slows down for a little bit; there's a break in the wind
gibitaanimad vii the wind stops, dies down
gizhaanimad vii it is a hot wind
gizhibaayaanimad vii it is a whirlwind
gizhiiyaanimad vii the wind blows fast
giiwashkweyaanimad vii the wind blows from every direction
giizhooyaanimad vii it is a warm wind
gwekaanimad vii the wind shifts, changes direction
inaanimad vii the wind blows a certain way
inweweyaanimad vii the wind is heard blowing a certain way
ishkwaayaanimad vii
madaabiiyaanimad vii the wind blows to the lake
madweyaanimad vii it is audible wind, "you" can hear the wind
mashkawaanimad vii it is a strong wind
maadaanimad vii the wind starts to blow; the wind picks up
minwaanimad vii there is a good breeze
minweweyaanimad vii the wind has a nice sound, sounds good
niminaaweyaanimad vii the wind blows offshore
niibaayaanimad vii it is windy at night
ondaanimad vii the wind comes from a certain direction
ondweweyaanimad vii the wind is heard coming from a certain direction
onzaamaanimad vii it is extremely windy
zanagaanimad vii it is a wild, unsteady wind
zhaabwaanimad vii wind blows through something
zaageweyaanimad vii the wind comes from around the point or corner
zegaanimad vii it is a fierce wind, a threatening wind