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/zhaangasw-/ initial

zhaangaso- pv qnt nine
zhaangasogon adv num nine days
zhaangasogonagad vii it is nine days
zhaangasogonagizi vai s/he is nine days old; it is the ninth day of it (a month)
zhaangasoninj adv num nine inches
zhaangasosagoons adv num nine thousand
zhaangasozid adv num nine feet
zhaangasoobiwag vai nine of them sit together; nine of them are at home
zhaangasoogaabawiwag vai nine of them stand together
zhaangasookik adv num nine pails, nine pailfuls
zhaangasoonag adv num nine boats or canoes, nine boatloads
zhaangasoopidewan vii nine of them (inanimate) are tied together
zhaangasoopidoon vti2 tie nine of them (inanimate) together
zhaangasoopizh vta tie, hitch nine of them (animate) together
zhaangasoopizowag vai nine of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
zhaangasooshinoog vai nine of them lie together
zhaangasooshkimod adv num nine bags
zhaangasooshkin adv num nine bags
zhaangaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the ninth (of the month)
zhaangaswaabik adv num nine dollars
zhaangaswaak adv num nine hundred
zhaangasweg adv num nine pieces of something sheet-like
zhaangaswewaan adv num nine sets; nine pairs
zhaangaswi adv num nine