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/-webin/ final

act on it forcefully by hand: fling, throw, shove with hand
agwaawebinan vti throw it out of the water
ajidakiiwebinan vti throw it on the ground head first
ajijiwebinan vti flip or turn it upside down quickly; throw or fling it upside down
anibewebinan vti fling, shove it over leaning on its side
ashidaakowebinan vti fling, shove it against a wall or tree
azhewebinan vti shove it backwards (by hand), throw it backwards
aatewebinan vti put it out quickly (extinguishing it), extinguish it quickly (with the hands)
aatwaakowebinan vti throw it up against (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawiwebinan vti throw, shove it across
aazhigidwebinan vti throw it over backwards
badakakiiwebinan vti throw it sticking into the ground
bagamiwebinan vti get it there by throwing or shoving
bagijwebinan vti release it quickly, throw it down quickly
bakewebinan vti throw it off to the side, off the main path
bakobiiwebinan vti throw it into the water
baakaakowebinan vti fling, shove it open (as something stick- or wood-like, e.g., a door)
baapaawiwebinan vta shake it out or off forcefully
baazhijiwebinan vti throw it over
bishigowebinan vti throw something at it and miss
biijwebinan vti throw it here
biimaskowebinan vti spin it around
biindaabikiwebinan vti throw it in an incinerator or stove; shove it into a metal container
biindigewebinan vti throw it inside
biinjiwebinan vti [BL] shove or throw it in
biinjwebinan vti [MN]
  1. shove or throw it in
  2. cast it (a vote or ballot)
biiwaawangiwebinan vti scatter it (something fine)
biiwiwebinan vti scatter, disperse it
boodaakwewebinan vti throw it in the kettle
boozwebinan vti throw it aboard
dazhwegiwebinan vti spread it (something sheet-like) out with hands
dookaabiigiwebinan vti tug on it (as or on a line)
dookiwebinan vti poke it forcefully
gabaawebinan vti throw it off a boat or vehicle
gashkaakowebinan vti slam it (a door, a lid) shut
gawiwebinan vti throw, push, shove it down
gaajiwebin vta shove or throw h/ to hide h/ quickly
gaajiwebinan vti shove or throw it to hide it quickly
gaanjwebinan vti [MN] push, shove it (with hands)
gibaakowebinan vti slam it shut (as something stick- or wood-like; e.g. a door)
gibichiwebin vta stop h (with forceful hand movement, shut h/ off (quickly, as in an emergency)
gijiwebinan vti pull it out quickly, dump it out
ginigawiwebinan vti mix it by shaking
gizhibaawebinan vti spin, whirl, crank it forcefully
gwekiwebinan vti turn it quickly; flip it over
ikowebinan vti push, shove, toss, throw it aside or out of the way (with hands)
ishpiwebinan vti throw it high
izhiwebinan vti throw, toss, shove it a certain way or to a certain place; handle it forcefully a certain way
mazinaabikiwebinan vti type it
nagaawebinan vti stop it forcefully by hand; push it back
niminaawewebinan vti launch it (by pushing)
niisaakiiwebinan vti throw it downhill
niisiwebinan vti throw, push, shove it down
okwaakowebinan vti throw it/them (something stick-like) into a pile
ombiwebinan vti throw, toss it upwards
ombwewebinan vta throw it around
opimewebinan vti flip it on its side
zaswewebinan vti [S] scatter it (by hand)
zhaabowebinan vti throw it through; shove it through (by hand)
zaagijiwebinan vti throw it outside
zhingadewebinan vti spread it out (forcefully by hand)
ziswewebinan vti [BL] scatter it (by hand)
zhiibaawebinan vti throw or shove it under something
ziigwebinan vti spill it, pour it out, dump it out