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baakaakowebinan vti

fling, shove it open (as something stick- or wood-like, e.g., a door)

imbaakaakowebinaan 1s - 0s ind; nimbaakaakowebinaan 1s - 0s ind; nibaakaakowebinaan 1s - 0s ind; obaakaakowebinaan 3s - 0s ind; baakaakowebinang 3s - 0 conj; bayaakaakowebinang 3s - 0 ch-conj; baakaakowebinan 2s - 0 imp; Stem: /baakaakowebin-/

baakaakowebinan /baakaakowebin-/: /baak-/
open up, uncover
; /-aakw-/
stick-like, wooden, organic solid
; /-webin/
act on it forcefully by hand: fling, throw, shove with hand