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/-taw/ final

hear h/
andotaw vta listen for h/; wait to hear h/
aagonwetaw vta deny, contradict, don't believe h/
bagakitan vti hear, understand it clearly
bagakitaw vta hear, understand h/ clearly
banitaw vta mishear h/; misunderstand what s/he says
beshotaw vta be in close hearing of h/, hear h/ coming closer
bishkotaw vta miss hearing h/, miss understanding what s/he says
boonitaw vta quit listening to h/
danitaw vta hear h/ in a certain place
debitaw vta be able to hear h/, hear h/ at a distance, catch the sound of h/
debwetaw vta believe, agree with, obey h/
gagaanzitaw vta act contrary to h/ instructions
gagiibaazitaw vta listen to h/ and perceive h/ to be foolish
gagwaadagitaw vta hear h/ and he sounds pitiful, listen with a heavy heart to h/
gikinootaw vta imitate what h/ says or sounds like, follow h/ instructions
giimitaw vta eavesdrop on h/
giimoozitaw vta eavesdrop on h/
initaw vta hear h/ a certain way; understand h/ a certain way
jiikitaw vta enjoy the sound of, be pleased to listen to h/
maamakaazitaw vta be amazed at what h/ says
maanitaw vta find what h/ says or sounds like disagreeable; dislike what h/ says or sounds like
minotaw vta like hearing h/, like how s/he sounds
nagazitaw vta be used to hearing h/
na'itaw vta hear h/ well; mind, obey watch s/he says
nakwetan vti answer it
nakwetaw vta answer h/
nandotaw vta listen for h/
naawitaw vta hear h/ faintly in the distance
naazitaw vta go to where sound of h/ is
nisidotaw vta recognize h/ (by sound); understand, comprehend h/ (when speaking)
nishkaadiziitaw vta get mad at, get angry at h/
wanitaw vta misunderstand (what) h/ (says)
zegitaw vta hear h/ (someone scary)
zhigajitaw vta be tired of hearing h/
zhigazitaw vta be tired of hearing h/
zhiingitaw vta dislike, hate listening to or hearing h/