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/-shkaa/ final

it moves, goes, happens
agawaateshkaa vii it moves into the shade or or a shadow
apiitaagamishkaa vii it (liquid) reaches such a strength, temperature, or pressure; it (blood) is so high in pressure
asabishkaa vii it gets full of holes
azheshkaa vii it goes back, returns
aabishkaa vii it comes undone, comes unraveled
babiizigishkaa vii it curls up, crinkles
babiizigiigishkaa vii it (sheet-like) curls up, wrinkles
bagoshkaa vii it has a hole, gets a hole (in it)
bagwaabikishkaa vii it (something mineral or metal) has a hole, gets a hole (in it)
bagwegishkaa vii it (sheet-like) has a hole, gets a hole (in it)
bakweshkaa vii it comes off in pieces
bapagoshkaa vii it has holes, gets holes (in it)
baakaakoshkaa vii it (door) opens
baapagishkaa vii it trembles, shakes
baasizigoshkaa vii the ice cracks
bishagishkaa vii it peels off
biigojiishkaa vii it bursts open
biigoshkaa vii it breaks, is broken
biindigeshkaa vii it moves inside, enters
bookoshkaa vii it breaks in two, is broken in two
bwaawishkaa vii it hardly moves, won't budge
dabasaagamishkaa vai it (liquid) goes low; it (blood) is low in pressure
dazhwegishkaa vii it spreads out flat, opens up flat
daadoshkaa vii it splits open, parts
daashkaabikishkaa vii it (something rock or metal) splits
daashkigishkaa vii
daashkizigoshkaa vii the ice cracks
gibishkaa vii it gets plugged, dammed, obstructed, blocked
gichiwishkaa vii it gets stuck
gidiskaabiigishkaa vii it disconnects, comes off (as something string-like)
gwanabishkaa vii it capsizes, tips over
inaagamishkaa vii it is a certain temperature
ishpaagamishkaa vii it (temperature) goes high, is above zero; it (blood) is high in pressure
madwezigoshkaa vii ice moves making noise
mamadweshkaa vii it makes noise (in motion), creaks repeatedly
maajiishkaa vii it starts to move
miziweshkaa vii it is everywhere; it goes everywhere; it spreads all over
nabagishkaa vii it flattens, goes flat
nagaashkaa vii it stops moving, halts
naazhaagamishkaa vii the temperature goes down
niigoshkaa vii it is broken
noogishkaa vii it comes to a stop, stops moving
nookijiishkaa vii it (something bag-like, belly-like) softens, gets soft
odaapishkaa vii it shrinks
ojiboshkaa vii it puckers up
ombishkaa vii it rises, ascends, goes upwards
oshezigoshkaa vii it is an ice pressure ridge
oziigishkaa vii it wrinkles up
wayekwaashkaa vii [S] it goes, comes to the end
wekwaashkaa vii [N] it goes, comes to the end
wiikoshkaa vii it is drawn toward, moves in by itself
zhawabaagishkaa vai it (animate) bends over
zipwegishkaa vii it (sheet-like) closes up, comes together
zhiibiigishkaa vii it stretches (as something sheet-like)