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/mamaang-/ initial

reduplication of mang-
mamaangadepon vii it snows in large flakes
mamaangadeyaawan vii they (inanimate) are wide
mamaangadeyiigizide vai s/he has wide and flat or webbed feet
mamaangadezide vai s/he has wide feet
mamaangadeziwag vai they (animate) are wide
mamaangadikwanezi vai s/he (a tree) has big branches
mamaanganowe vai s/he has big cheeks
mamaangaabide vai s/he has big teeth
mamaangaadigose vii the riffles/ruffles of the current are big
mamaangaashkaa vii there are big waves
mamaangibagaa vii there are big leaves; it has big leaves
mamaangibagizi vai it (animate) has big leaves
mamaangibiisaa vii there are big drops of rain
mamaangibwaame vai s/he has big thighs
mamaangidenigome vai s/he has big nostrils
mamaangiganzhii vai s/he has big nails, has big claws
mamaangigaade vai s/he has big legs
mamaangigidigwe vai s/he has big knees
mamaangikawe vai s/he leaves big footprints or tracks
mamaangiminagadoon vii they (something globular) are big
mamaanginike vai s/he has big arms
mamaangininjii vai s/he has big hands
mamaangipon vii there are big snowflakes
mamaangishkam vai2 s/he leaves big tracks
mamaangishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has big eyes
mamaangitawage vai s/he has big ears
mamaangiwine vai s/he has big horns or antlers
mamaangizide vai s/he has big feet
mamaangizhigwane vai it has big tail fins
mamaangwewebiisaan vii [BL] the sound of big rain drops is heard