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/-i/ final

occurs in preverbs
agaasi- pv lex small
anaami- pv lex under
apiichi- pv rel to a certain extent or degree; as much as
ashki- pv lex raw
awasi- pv lex beyond; on the other side
aako- pv lex extremely; intensely; agressively
aanji- pv lex change
aazhawi- pv lex across
bagaki- pv lex bright
bagami- pv lex arriving
bagwaji- pv lex wild
baashki- pv lex burst, burst out
bezhigo- pv qnt one
bichi- pv lex accidentally, by accident
bigishki- pv lex in small pieces
biini- pv lex clean, pure
biinji- pv lex inside, indoors
biisaawangi- pv lex in small particles, sand-like, powdered
biisi- pv lex fine, in small particles
daki- pv lex cool, cold
daso- pv rel a certain number; so many; every
daswi qnt num a certain number; so many
dazhi- pv rel in a certain place; of a certain place; there
desi- pv lex flat
eyedawi- pv lex on both sides of something
eyiidawi- pv lex [BL] on both sides of something
gakaki- pv lex square
gijigi- pv lex zigzag, rippled
gimooji- pv lex steal
ginibi- pv lex quick, quickly
giiwitaawi- pv lex all around
giizhi- pv lex finish; complete
goji- pv lex try; attempt
gwayako- pv lex
  1. straight
  2. right, correct, proper
gwiinawi- pv lex not knowing; not able
maji- pv lex bad
mangi- pv lex big
michi- pv lex by hand; by no other means; barely; without anything special
mino- pv lex good; nice; well
mishi- pv lex a giant
naawi- pv lex in the middle of
ningodwaaso- pv qnt six
ningoji adv loc somewhere, anywhere; approximately; nearly, almost
nisawi- pv lex between, in between
niso- pv qnt three
niigaani- pv lex ahead, leading, in front
niizho- pv qnt two
noosooki- pv lex soft and fluffy
ogiji- pv lex on top, on top of
ojaanimi- pv lex busy; noisy
ondami- pv lex be busy at
onji- pv rel from a certain place; for a certain reason; because
onzaami- pv lex too; too much; excessively; extremely
ozhaashi- pv lex slippery
ozhaawashko- pv lex blue, green
ozaawi- pv lex yellow; brown
wani- pv lex making a mistake, mistakenly, in error
waabani- pv lex east
waabi- pv lex grey, (off)white
waabijii- pv lex grey, (off)white
waabishki- pv lex White; white
waasiko- pv lex shiny
wiiji- pv lex with; in company with
wiisagi- pv lex bitter
wiishkobi- pv lex sweet
zhaawani- pv lex south
zhiiwi- pv lex sour; [BL] sweet
ziiwiski- pv lex [BL] sour