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/gipag-/ initial

thick, viscous
gipagadin vii it is frozen thick
gipagadowe vai s/he has thick fur
gipagaji vai it (animate) is frozen thick
gipagakwad vii it is a thick cloud or cloud cover
gipaganagekozi vai it (animate) has thick bark
gipaganagekwad vti it has thick bark
gipagawe vai s/he has thick fur
gipagaa vii it is thick
gipagaabikad vii it (mineral) is thick
gipagaabikizi vai it (animate; mineral) is thick
gipagaabiigad vii it (string-like) is thick
gipagaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is thick
gipagaakozi vai it (animate; stick-like) is thick
gipagaakwad vii it (stick-like) is thick
gipagaakwadin vii it freezes thick, is frozen thick
gipagaakwaji vai s/he freezes thick, is frozen thick
gipagaanikwe vai s/he has thick hair
gipagemikwaane vai s/he (a turtle) has a thick shell
gipagide vii it gets thick (by heat)
gipagidoone [N] s/he has thick lips
gipagi' vta make h/ thick, thicken h/
gipagijiishkiwagad vii it is thick as mud
gipagikodan vti slice it thick
gipagikonaye vai s/he wears a thick layer of clothes
gipagikozh vta slice h/ thick
gipagisidoon vti2 lay it on thick
gipagisin vii it lies in a thick layer
gipagishim vta lay h/ on thick
gipagishin vai s/he lies in a thick layer
gipagitoon vti2 make it thick, thicken it
gipagizh vta cut h/ thick
gipagizhan vti cut it thick
gipagizi vai it (animate) is thick
gipagizo vai s/he gets thick (by heat)
gipagiigad vii it (sheet-like) is thick
gipagiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is thick