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/giiwitaa-/ initial

around in a circle
giiwitaabatoo vai s/he runs around in a circle
giiwitaabide vii it speeds, drives, flies around in circle
giiwitaabiwag vai they sit in a circle
giiwitaabizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies around in circle
giiwitaagaabawiwag vai they stand in a circle
giiwitaase vai s/he flies around in a circle
giiwitaase vii it flies around in a circle
giiwitaasidoon vti2 lay it down around
giiwitaashim vta lay h/ down around
giiwitaashimo vai s/he dances around in circle
giiwitaashkan vti walk around it
giiwitaashkaw vta walk around h/
giiwitaashkaa vai s/he goes around in a circle
giiwitaashkode adv loc around the fire
giiwitaawi- pv lex all around
giiwitaawose vai s/he walks around something
giiwitaayaadagaa vai [S] s/he swims around in circle
giiwitaayaadage vai [BL] s/he swims in a circle
giiwitaayaazhagaame vai s/he walks around the edge; s/he walks around a lake