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/gashk-/ initial

enclosed, attached together 
gashkadin vii it freezes over, is frozen over
gashka'oodoon vti2 tie it with a knot; lace and tie it
gashkapide vii it is tied shut, is tied up in a bundle
gashkapidoon vti2 tie it shut, tie it up in a bundle
gashkapizh vta tie h/ shut, tie h/ up in a bundle
gashkapizo vai s/he or it (animate) is tied shut, is tied up in a bundle
gashkawan vii it is a dense fog
gashkaabate vii it is is smoky
gashkaabika' vta lock h/
gashkaabika'an vti lock it
gashkaabowenan vti seal the lid on it
gashkaakonan vti bar, lock it (as something stick- or wood-like)
gashkaakowebinan vti slam it (a door, a lid) shut
gashkaakwa'an vti lock it
gashkendam vai2 s/he is lonely, is lonesome, is sad
gashkibide vii it is wrapped and tied in a bundle
gashkibidoon vti2 wrap and tie it in a bundle
gashkibizo vai s/he is wrapped and tied in a bundle
gashkidaasebizo vai s/he wears leg garters
gashkigwaadan vti sew it
gashkigwaaso vai s/he sews
gashkigwaazh vta sew h/
gashkigwaazo vai s/he is sewn
gashkiigabi vai s/he sits wrapped up in a blanket
gashkiigabin vai + o sit wrapped up in it (sheet-like)
gashkiigapide vii it is wrapped up and tied
gashkiigapidoon vti2 wrap it up and tie it
gashkiigapizh vta wrap it (animate) up and tie it
gashkiigapizo vai s/he or it (animate) is wrapped up and tied
gashkiigashkwemaginan vti cover it over with bark
gashkiigin vta wrap h/
gashkiiginan vti wrap it
gashkiigisidoon vti2 wrap it; cover it with cloth
gashkiigishim vta wrap h/ up; cover h/ with cloth
gashkiigii vai s/he wraps h/ self up in a blanket
gashkiigiin vai + o wrap up in it (sheet-like)