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/-ganzhy-/ medial

nail (fingernail, toenail)
body part
bajiishkiganzhii vai s/he has pointed nails or claws or talons
bebezhigooganzhii na a horse
biiniganzhii vai s/he has a clean nail or clean nails
dadaakoganzhii vai s/he has short nails or claws
dakwaakoganzhii vai s/he has a short nail or claw, has short nails or claws
daashkaganzhii vai s/he has a split nail or split nails
daashkiganzhiishin vai s/he splits h/ nails on something
gagaanoganzhii vai s/he has long nails, claws
gagaanwaakoganzhii vai s/he has long nails or claws
gagaashiganzhii vai s/he has sharp nails or claws
gaashiganzhii vai s/he has a sharp nail or claw, has sharp nails or claws
giishkiganzhiikozh vta cut h/ nails
izhiganzhii vai s/he has such nails, claws, or hooves
mamakadewiganzhii vai s/he has black nails or claws
mamaangiganzhii vai s/he has big nails, has big claws
mamiziweganzhii vai s/he is hoofed, has hooves
mindaweganzhii vai s/he has white spots on fingernails
miziweganzhii vai s/he is hoofed, has a hoof or hooves
wawiiniganzhii vai s/he has dirty nails
wiiniganzhii vai s/he has a dirty nail or dirty nails