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/-gan/ final

agoojigan ni something hung: a clothesline, a Christmas present, an item for sale at a stand; something used to hang things: a hanger
anokaajigan ni something worked on, a product, a craft item ; plural: goods
asigibii'igan ni a number; a calculator
aatawe'igan ni a fire extinguisher
aazhawaandawaagan ni a footbridge
aazhawewesijigan ni an audio recorder: a digital or tape recorder
badagwana'igan ni a cover, a tarpaulin
bakite'igan ni a hammer
bananjigan ni a food scrap dropped from the mouth; ort
basitebijigan ni [BL] a slingshot
basweweyaabiigibijigan ni an electric guitar
bawaajigan ni a dream, a vision
bazhiba'igan ni something to stab or spear with: a fishing harpoon, a fishing spear with a long attached line
baakaabikizhigan ni [BL] a can opener
bimoonjigan na [RL] a dance bustle
bishagaakwa'igan ni a log peeler
biijimaanijigan ni something smelled; something used to smell with: ant antenna
biijimaanjigan ni something that can be smelled, something smelly; [possessed forms] something that smells things, that senses odors: an ant's antenna, a snake's tongue, etc.
biima'igan ni [BL] a tool that turns: a screwdriver, a wrench
biitoogwaajigan ni something sewn in as a liner or lining or something with a liner or lining sewn in it: liner, lining, moccasin liner, quilt with lining
biitoosijigan na a pie
biitooshkigan ni (an item of) underwear
biiwanjigan ni crumb or scrap dropped from the mouth
biiwikojigan ni a shaving (left from carving)
biiwizhigan ni a scrap (left from cutting); a remnant; a quilt piece
boodaajigan ni [BL] something blown: a horn, [diminutive] a whistle
boonakajigan ni an anchor
dagonigan ni something added or mixed in, an ingredient
dakaasinjigan ni a cooling fan; an air conditioner
dakobijigan ni tied wild rice
dawaagonebijigan na a snow plow
desa'igan ni
gashkiiginigan ni a wrapped package or pack
gaandakii'igan ni a push pole
gaasii'igan ni an eraser
gaashaabika'igan ni a sharpening steel; a honing steel
gaashiboojigan na a whetstone; a grindstone
gibichiwebinigan ni a handbrake
gibinde'igan ni a cloth or hide door cover used on a lodge
gibozigan ni something put into the oven; a roasting pan
gichiwaakwa'igan ni [BL] something that pins or clamps things down: a peg, a clamp, a clothespin, a safety ring on a trap
gidasigan ni parched wild rice
gidochigan ni [BL] a device that speaks: a radio, a phonograph, a record player, a cd player
gigishkigan ni (an item of) clothing; [plural] clothes
gikinawaajibii'igan ni a sign, a marker; an identifying number: a street address or house number, a phone number
gizhaabatezigan ni [BL] a microwave oven
gizhibaayaaboojigan na a top [toy]
gizhibaayaakowebishkigan ni a rolling log
giziisaga'igan ni a mop
giikanaabasigan na bacon
giikanaamozigan na bacon
giiminiijaagan na a child born out of wedlock
giishkikojigan ni hair clippers
gwekiweba'igan ni a spatula; a turner
gwekiwebinigan na a pancake
inoo'igan ni [BL] something that points: a pointer, an indicator, a needle on a dial
ishkozhigan ni something left uncut
izhinoo'igan ni a pointer
mamigwaakosijigan ni [BL] a washboard
mashkawaakwajijigan ni [BL] a freezer
mazinaabidoo'igan ni an item of woven beadwork
maada'igan ni a hide scraper (for removing hair); a hide scraper, a flesher
maamaagonigan na bannock; bannock dough
mimigosaga'igan ni a scrub brush
moona'igan ni a mine
naabibii'igan ni a copy, a tracing
naabidoo'igan ni a beading needle
naabisijigan ni something to put in its place: a puzzle piece, a replacement part
noobaajigan ni a baby bottle
noomaabikinigan ni lubricant for a machine or vehicle
noondaagochigan na [RL] a musical instrument (especially a wind instrument): horn, whistle, harmonica
noondaagomochigan ni [BL] something that is used to make a sound: a musical instrument, a car horn, a radio, etc.
nooshkaachigan ni winnowed rice
omba'igan ni a tool used to raise something: a jack, a lever
ombaakwa'igan na a jack
ombaasijigan ni a kite
ombaasinjigan ni [BL]
ombisijigan ni baking powder; soda; yeast
ozaawaakizigan ni a toaster
ozaawaakizigan na (a piece of) toast
ozhiga'igan na a tapped tree
ozhiga'igan ni a faucet; a tap, a spile, a spigot (for getting sap from a tree)
ozhikojigan ni a carving, a sculpture
ozhiminaganjigan ni a round shot formed in the mouth
ozhiigizhigan ni a pattern that can be cut out (such as dress pattern of paper)
wanawe'igan ni [BL] something used to stir or mix with: a stirring stick, an eggbeater, a mixer
waakaagwaajigan ni a moccasin cuff
waakaayaagibijigan ni a basket rim
waazakonebijigan ni a flashlight
webinigan ni something thrown away, discarded
wiikwaasinjigan ni [BL]
  1. a vacuum cleaner
  2. an aspirator; a suction machine
zagapijigan na something towed: a trailer
zagaabiiginigan ni a line, rope, or chain attached to something: a handle, a leash, a trap chain, a fish stringer
zhaabowebinigan ni [BL] a sifter
zaagijiwebinigan ni something dumped out: slop, garbage, trash
zhegwaakwa'igan ni [BL] a tap (for getting sap from a tree)
zhinawisijigan ni [BL] a rattle
zipobijigan ni a zipper
zisiboojigan ni a file, a rasp
ziikoobiiginigan ni a strainer
zhiishada'igan ni [RL] a broom
zhooshkwa'igan na an iron