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/bisk-/ initial

folded, bent back, flexed
biskagoodoon vti2 hang it up folded
biskaa vii it is bent over, folded
biskaabikin vta fold, bend it (animate; metal) over (by hand)
biskaabikinan vti fold, bend it (metal) over (by hand)
biskaabiiginan vti fold it (string-like)
biskaabiigisidoon vti2 bend it (string-like) back on itself
biskaanowe vai s/he has a up-turned tail
biskibidoon vti2 bend it over, fold it (with hands)
biskibizh vta bend it (animate) over, fold it (animate) (with hands)
biskigamaa vii the lake has a sharp bend in it
biskigaadeni vai s/he bends, flexes,h/ leg
biskigaamo vai s/he is so fat s/he's bent over
biskigwaadan vti fold and sew, hem it
biskigwaade vii it is folded and sewn, is hemmed
biskigwaazh vta fold and sew, hem h/
biskigwaazo vai s/he is folded and sewn, is hemmed
biskijiigaabawi vai s/he stands bent over at the waist
biskijiitaa vai s/he bends, folds, flexes h/ body
biskin vta bend h/ over, bow h/
biskinan vti bend it over, bow it
biskinikeni vai s/he bends, flexes h/ arm
biskininjiini vai s/he bends h/ fingers or hand over
biskise vii it folds over
biskitawageni vai s/he wiggles h/ ears
biskitigweyaa vii the river has a sharp bend in it
biskizideni vai s/he bends, flexes h/ foot
biskiigad vii it (something sheet-like) is folded
biskiigibidoon vti2 fold it (sheet-like) (with hands)
biskiigibizh vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) (with hands)
biskiigin vta fold h/ (as something sheet-like)
biskiiginan vti fold it (as something sheet-like)
biskiigisin vii it is folded (sheet-like)
biskiigishin vai s/he is folded (as something sheet-like)
biskiigizi vai s/he (something sheet-like) is folded