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/-bani'o/ final

s/he moves h/ own body or body part quickly
as in taking a dance step
ayekobani'o vai [BL]
ayekobani'o vai [BL] s/he is tired from exertion, is tired from moving h/ body too fast
azhebani'o vai [BL] s/he suddenly moves back, turns back
bapawibani'o vai [BL] s/he shakes off (as a dog when wet)
biinjinikebani'o vai s/he sticks h/ arm in quickly
biinjizidebani'o vai s/he sticks h/ foot in quickly
gaajibani'o vai s/he jumps quickly into hiding
gidiskibani'o vai [BL] s/he breaks loose, wriggles loose, gets away
gizhibaanikebani'o vai [BL] s/he twirls h/ arm or arms fast
giiwashkwebani'o vai [BL] s/he makes h/ self dizzy spinning around
goshkobani'o vai s/he is startled, moves in reaction
googiikwebani'o vai [BL] s/he quickly dunks h/ (own) head underwater
inaanowebani'o vai s/he flicks h/ tail a certain way
jiikibani'o vai s/he moves well in dancing
mayaawibani'o vai s/he gets h/self upright fast, jumps upright, straightens h/ self back up (as from a fall)
minobani'o vai s/he moves h/ body well, takes good steps in dancing
miinobani'o vai [BL] s/he suddenly corrects h/ balance, moves quickly to correct h/ position
mookaagonebani'o vai s/he pops up out of the snow
wewebikwebani'o vai s/he shakes h/ head
zaagidenaniwebani'o vai s/he or it (animate) flicks h/ or its tongue out
ziiwiskaabibani'o vai [BL] s/he squints from eating something sour