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/-aw/ final

do it for h/
abwiikaw vta make a paddle or paddles for h/
adimanikaw vta make a snowshoe strap for h/
agoodaw vta
  1. hang (it) for h/
  2. set a snare for h/
apagidaw vta throw (it) at or to h/
apishimonikaw vta make a place for h/ to lie down
asemaakaw vta offer tobacco to h/
ataw vta
  1. put (it) in a certain place for h/
  2. gamble with, play cards with, bet with, wager with h/
azhewidaw vta carry, take (it) back to h/
aadizookaw vta tell a sacred story (a legend, a myth) to h/
aawadaw vta haul (it) for h/
bakwezhiganikaw vta make bannock for h/
bimiwidaw vta carry (it) along for h/
biidaw vta bring (it) for h/
biindigaw vta enter into where h/ is, come in on h/
biinitaw vta clean (it) for h/
boozitaw vta load (it) with cargo for h/
dakobidaw vta tie, bind (it) for h/
debibidaw vta grab, catch, reach and take, get hold of (it) for h/
gashkitaw vta be able to get (it) for h/, manage (it) for h/
gaadaw vta hide (it) from h/
gikataw vta [S] pawn, hock (it) for h/
gimoojiwanii'igaw vta steal from h/ trap
giishkiboodaw vta saw (it) off for h/
giiwewidaw vta take, carry (it) home for h/
giizhitaw vta finish (it) for h/
gojitaw vta test (it) for h/
gopiwidaw vta take, carry (it) inland for h/
izhitaw vta make (it) for h/ a certain way
izhiwidaw vta take, carry (it) for h/ to a certain place
madwewetaw vta play music for h/
makizinikaw vta make moccasins for h/
mamaw vta take (it) from, pick it up from h/
manisaw vta cut (it) as firewood for h/
mashkawaagamitaw vta s/he makes it (liquid) strong for h/
mashkikiikaw vta make medicine for h/
mashkimodekaw vta make a bag for h/
maajiidaw vta take (it) away for, take (it) along for h/
mikaw vta find h/
mikobidaw vta find (it) for h/ with hands
mitigwaabiikaw vta make a bow for h/
naboobiikaw vta make a soup or stew for h/
nanaa'idaabaanikaw vta fix h/ car for h/
nanaa'itaw vta fix, repair (it) for h/
naadaw vta go get (it) for h/, fetch (it) for h/
nitiikaw vta [N] make tea for h/
okosidaw vta pile, stack (it) for h/
ozhigaw vta build a dwelling (lodge, house) for h/
ozhitaw vta make, build, form (it) for h/
wewebizonikaw vta make a swing for h/
wiikobidaw vta pull (it) for h/
zagakisidaw vta put (it) in order, put (it) away for h/
zaagizitaw vta take (it) out for h/