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/-anaamo/ final

breathe, use the voice
akwanaamo vai s/he is short of breath, takes short breaths
apiitanaamo vai s/he breathes at a certain rate
aanzanaamo vai s/he changes h/ breathing, sighs, changes pitch of h/ voice; s/he takes a deep breath
aapidanaamo vai s/he is unable to recover h/ breath
bagidanaamo vai s/he breathes, exhales
bakwenaamo vai h/ breath can be seen in the cold air
baapaganaamo vai s/he has a shaky voice
bengwanaamo vai s/he has dry breath
bimwewenaamo vai s/he is heard going along breathing hard
biidanaamo vai s/he takes h/ first breath
biidwewenaamo vai s/he is heard coming breathing hard
dadaatabanaamo vai s/he has fast respiration
dataatabanaamo vai s/he breathes fast
debwewenaamo vai s/he is heard breathing at a distance
gaandanaamo vai s/he holds h/ breath while pushing (as in giving birth)
gaaskanaamo vai s/he wheezes
gibitanaamo vai s/he stops breathing
ginwanaamo vai s/he takes a long deep breath
gizhanaamo vai s/he has hot breath, fevered breath
giziibanaamo vai s/he wheezes, has squeaky breathing
giziibwewenaamo vai s/he squeaks when breathing, wheezes
gizhiinaamo vai s/he breathes fast
giishkanaamo vai h/ breath is cut short
giizhoonaamo vai s/he has warm breath
inanaamo vai s/he breathes a certain way, uses h/ voice a certain way, utters a certain way
ishkwaanaamo vai s/he stops breathing
madwenaamo vai [BL] s/he is heard breathing, snorts, huffs and puffs
maadanaamo vai s/he starts breathing
minwanaamo vai s/he breathes well, has good breathing
minwewenaamo vai h/ breathing sounds good
nasanaamo vai s/he exhales; s/he recovers h/ breath
noondenaamo vai s/he runs short of breath, is short-winded
wekwaanaamo vai s/he is out of breath; takes h/ last breath
wiikwanaamo vai s/he draws in breath, inhales
wiinjiiganaamo vai s/he has stinky breath, has bad breath
zanaganaamo vai s/he breathes with difficulty, has respiratory problems
zhaagwanaamo vai s/he has weak breathing
zhiibanaamo vai s/he has strong respiration, is long-winded
zoonganaamo vai s/he breathes strong