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/-aganaand/ final

hit, strike it
andoganaandan vti seek it by striking
apagadaganaandan vti knock it down or against something (by hitting with force)
bakaganaandan vti hit and break it (string-like)
banaganaandan vti miss hitting it
baasaganaandan vti shatter, crack it (by hitting)
baashkijiiganaandan vti burst it (something bag-like) by hitting
bishigwaganaandan vti hit at and miss it
bitaganaandan vti accidentally hit it
biigoganaandan vti damage, ruin, break it by hitting
biindooneganaandan vti hit it into a boat
bookoganaandan vti break it in two (by hitting)
gawaganaandan vti knock it down, over (by hitting)
inaganaandan vti hit it in a certain way or place
nakweganaandan vti hit it right on
zhaaboganaandan vti punch through it