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/-aaN/ final

act on h/
added to a base vai stem ending in o or oo which appears as w
animibatwaazh vta run away (in the other direction) with h/
aazhawibatwaazh vta run across with h/
babaamibatwaazh vta run about, run around with h/
bimibatwaazh vta run along with h/
biindashkwaazh vta stuff h/
biindigebatwaazh vta run inside with h/
biindigebatwaazh vta run inside with h/
gakiiwebatwaazh vta run h/ or it (animate) across a portage
mawinzwaazh vta pick h/ (fruit or berries)
mookawaazh vta cry after h/, cry for h/; cry to go along with h/
niisaakiiwedaabaazh vta drag h/ downhill
odaminwaazh vta play with h/ (as a toy or doll)
ogidaakiiwedaabaazh vta drag h/ uphill
onjibatwaazh vta run from a certain place with h/
zaagizibatwaazh vta run out with h/
zikwaazh vta spit on h/