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/-aaboozo/ final

s/he or it (animate) moves carried on a moving medium (the current, snow, leaves, etc.)
sh/ is carried by current, drifts on the water
animaaboozo vai s/he drifts or floats away (in the other direction) on the current
azheyaaboozo vai s/he drifts, slides back on a moving medium (on the current, on snow)
babaamaaboozo vai s/he or it (animate) drifts about on the current
bakobiiyaaboozo vai [BG] [BL] [BR] s/he or it (animate) slips or slides into the water
bimaaboozo vai s/he or it (animate) drifts along on the current
biidaaboode vii it drifts here on the current
biidaaboozo vai s/he drifts here on the current
biindaaboozo vai s/he or it (animate) slides in on the current or some moving medium
gizhibaayaaboozo vai s/he or it (animate) spins, whirls in the current; it (animate) spins like a top (as on a medium)
gwanabaaboozo vai s/he capsizes in the current
inaaboozo vai
maadaaboozo vai s/he drifts off on the current
ondaaboozo vai s/he drifts, slides from a certain place on the current or other moving medium
zhooshkwaaboozo vai s/he slips or slides on something moving (water, snow, leaves, etc.)