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inagim vta

charge a certain price for, set a certain price for h/

Paired with: inagindan vti

indinagimaa 1s - 3s ind; nindinagimaa 1s - 3s ind; nidinagimaa 1s - 3s ind; odinagimaan 3s - 3' ind; inagimaad 3s - 3' conj; enagimaad 3s - 3' ch-conj; inagim 2s - 3 imp; Stem: /inagim-/

Niizhwaabik ashi-aabita odinagimaan iniwen midaaso-dibaabiishkoojigan iniw opiniin.

He's charging $2.50 for ten pounds of potatoes.

inagim /inagim-/: /iN-/
thus, in a certain direction, in a certain manner
; /-agim/
count h/