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gitimishki vai

s/he is habitually lazy, is a lazybones

ingitimishk 1s ind; ningitimishk 1s ind; nigitimishk 1s ind; gitimishki 3s ind; gitimishkid 3s conj; getimishkid 3s ch-conj; Stem: /gitimishki-/

Gaawiin gizhizhawiziisii awe gaa-anoonind gegwaanisagi-gichi-gitimishkid.

The one who was hired is not a workaholic, just a really lazy guy.

gitimishki /gitimishki-/: /gitimi-/ stem of gitimi vai ; /-shki/
s/he is habitually doing something or is habitually in such a state
Reduplicated Form: gagiitimishkiwag