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/-shki/ final

s/he is habitually doing something or is habitually in such a state
Verbs with this final can be called verbs of addiction. They can indicate that the repeated action or condition is detrimental to the subject, as in a bad habit or addiction.
adaawangeshki vai s/he always borrows
agajishki vai s/he is a shy person
anokiishki vai s/he is always working, is a "workaholic"
ataageshki vai s/he is a compulsive gambler
aakozishki vai s/he always gets sick
bagoshi'iweshki vai s/he habitually begs people for things
baapishki vai s/he keeps laughing, is always laughing
dewikweshki vai s/he has chronic headaches
gaachimoshki vai s/he is always crying, is a crybaby
gaaweshki vai s/he is always jealous
gimoodaatigweshki vai s/he is in the habit of stealing wood, is an habitual wood thief
gimoodishki vai s/he is a thief
gitimishki vai s/he is habitually lazy, is a lazybones
giimaabishki vai s/he is a peeping tom
giiwanimoshki vai s/he is always lying, is a habitual liar
giiwashkwebiishki vai s/he is a drunk
goshkokaashki vai s/he is habitually nervous, jumpy
gotaajishki vai s/he is timid
mamizhingeshki vai s/he is a tattle-tale
mawishki vai s/he is always crying, is a crybaby
megadeshki vai s/he always is burping
mindaweshki vai s/he pouts habitually
minikweshki vai s/he drinks as a habit
miigaazoshki vai s/he is pugacious, always wants to fight
nandodamaageshki vai s/he is a begger
nibaashki vai s/he sleeps all the time
wiishkobanjigeshki vai s/he has a sweet tooth
zagaswaashki vai s/he is a smoker
zikoshki vai s/he always is spitting