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giizhaakonan vti

finish deciding about, judging, or planning it

Paired with: giizhaakon vta

nigiizhaakonaan 1s - 0s ind; ogiizhaakonanaan 3s - 0s ind; giizhaakonang 3s - 0 conj; gaazhaakonang 3s - 0 ch-conj; giizhaakonan 2s - 0 ind; Stem: /giizhaakon-/

Ogii-sagaswe'aan iniw owiijikiwenyan ji-giizhaakonamowaad iw obabaamiziwiniwaa.

He asked his brother to meet to settle their business matter.

giizhaakonan /giizhaakon-/: /giizh-/
; /-aakw-/
stick-like, wooden, organic solid
; /-in/
act on it by hand