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/giizh-/ initial

giizhadowe vai s/he has prime fur (at end of the season)
giizhakidoon vti2 finish setting it up
giizhakizh vta finish setting h/ up
giizhapakwe vai s/he finishes putting on a roof
giizhapidoon vti2 finish tying it
giizhashkime vai s/he finishes weaving snowshoe webbing
giizhaabide vai s/he has a full set of baby teeth
giizhaadodan vti finish telling it
giizhaajim vta finish telling about h/
giizhaajimo vai s/he finishes a story, tells all (of a story)
giizhaakon vta finish deciding about or judging h/
giizhaakonan vti finish deciding about, judging, or planning it
giizhaandawe vai s/he finishes climbing, gets across the bridge
giizhaande vii it is fully ripe
giizhaanike vai s/he finishes digging
giizhaanzo vai s/he is fully ripe
giizhendam vai2 s/he made a decision, is decided, is ready to act, has h/ mind made up
giizhendan vti decide about, make up your mind about it
giizhenim vta make up your mind about, know what to do with h/
giizhi- pv lex finish; complete
giizhide vii it is cooked, is done cooking
giizhigamide vii it finishes boiling
giizhigamizan vti finish boiling it
giizhige vai s/he finishes building a dwelling or lodge
giizhigi vai s/he is full grown, is ripe
giizhigin vii it is full grown, is ripe
giizhigwaadan vti finish sewing it
giizhigwaazh vta finish sewing h/
giizhi' vta finish, finish making h/
giizhi'o vai s/he dresses h/ self
giizhijiishkiwagin vta finish shaping h/ (something mud-like)
giizhiminagide vii it (berry-like, grain) is fully ripe
giizhiminagishkan vti finish husking it (by foot)
giizhiminagizo vai it (animate; berrylike, grain) is fully ripe
giizhitoon vti2 finish, finish making it
giizhiwebishkan vti finish dancing the rice
giiziz vta cook it (animate); finish cooking it (animate)
giizhizan vti [NI] cook it; finish cooking it
giizizan vti cook it; finish cooking it
giizhizekwe vai s/he cooks
giizizekwe vai s/he cooks
giizhizo vai s/he is cooked, is done cooking
giizizo vai s/he is cooked, is done cooking
giizhizwi vta [NI] cook it (animate); finish cooking it (animate)
giizhiikan vti finish, finish with it
giizhiikaw vta finish, finish with h/
giizhiitaa vai s/he finishes, gets done
giizhwewetoo vai s/he finishes praying or telling a legend
giizhwewidam vai2 s/he finishes sounding