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bimaadizi vai ls

s/he lives, is alive

Paired with: bimaadad vii

imbimaadiz 1s ind; nimbimaadiz 1s ind; nibimaadiz 1s ind; bimaadizi 3s ind; bimaadizid 3s conj; bemaadizid 3s ch-conj; Stem: /bimaadizi-/

Agaawaa go ... bimaadizi gaa-aapijishing.

He's barely alive having been in a serious accident.

bimaadizi /bimaadizi-/: /bim-/
along in space or time, by
; /-aad-/
way of being or life; one's character or nature
; /-izi/
s/he, it (animate) is in a state or condition
Reduplicated Form: babimaadizi