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/biim-/ initial

twisted, turned, crooked, skewed
biimapikaazh vta braid h/ hair crooked
biimaabika' vta twist h/ (mineral) (using something); wind h/ (a clock)
biimaakwa'an vti twist it with a stick, wring it out by twisting it with a stick
biimaakwa'o vai s/he is buttoned up crooked
biimidoon vai s/he has a twisted or crooked mouth (as from a stroke)
biimidoone vai [N] s/he has crooked mouth
biimigwaadan vti sew it crooked
biimigwaade vii it is sewn crooked
biimigwaaso vai s/he sews things crooked
biimigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn crooked
biimijaane vai s/he has a crooked nose
biimin vta twist, turn h/ (around a central point)
biiminakwe vai s/he twists fiber to make cord, string, rope, or twine
biiminan vti turn, twist it (around a central point)
biimishkan vti wear it sideways or askew
biimitaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) sounds off, sounds distorted
biimitaagwad vii it sounds off, sounds distorted