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/zhooshkw-/ initial

smooth, slippery
zhooshkobide vii it slides, slips, skids
zhooshkobizo vai s/he slides, slips
zhooshkoboodoon vti2 smooth it (by abrasion)
zhooshkoboozh vta smooth h/ (by abrasion)
zhooshkodaabaan na a toboggan, a sled
zhooshkon vta slide h/ (with hand)
zhooshkonan vti slide it (with hand)
zhooshkozi vai s/he is smooth
zhooshkozidebagizo vai s/he does a ballroom dance step (two step, waltz)
zhooshkozideni vai s/he slides h/ foot or feet
zhooshkwabi vai s/he slides over sitting
zhooshkwadin vii it freezes smooth, is frozen smooth
zhooshkwa' vta smooth h/ (using something)
zhooshkwa'an vti smooth it (using something)
zhooshkwajiwe vai s/he goes sliding, slides dowhill
zhooshkwakamigaa vii it is smooth ground
zhooshkwanagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has smooth bark
zhooshkwaa vii it is smooth, slick
zhooshkwaabikad vii it is smooth (as something mineral), is rustless
zhooshkwaabikizi vai s/he is smooth (as something mineral), is rustless
zhooshkwaabiigad vii it is straight and smooth (string-like)
zhooshkwaabiigizi vai s/he is straight and smooth (string-like)
zhooshkwaada'e vai s/he skates
zhooshkwaagim na a ski
zhooshkwaagime vai s/he skis
zhooshkwaakozi vai s/he is smooth (as something stick- or wood-like)
zhooshkwaakwad vii it is smooth (as something stick- or wood-like)
zhooshkwegad vii it (sheet-like) is smooth
zhooshkwega' vta iron h/
zhooshkwega'an vti iron it
zhooshkwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is smooth