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/wekwaa-/ initial

at the end, the limit, the edge
wekwaabatoo vai s/he runs to the end
wekwaagam ni a bay, the end of a lake
wekwaa'adoo vai s/he walks to the end of a road or trail
wekwaa'adoon vti2 walk to the end of it (road or trail)
wekwaa'azh vta follow h/ trail to the end
wekwaakawe vai [BL] h/ tracks end, trail ends
wekwaamon vii it (road or trail) ends
wekwaanaamo vai s/he is out of breath; takes h/ last breath
wekwaasag adv loc in the corner
wekwaashkan vti [N] go, come to the end of it
wekwaashkaa vii [N] it goes, comes to the end
wekwaashkiig adv loc at the end of a muskeg
wekwaawajiwe vai s/he climbs to the end of the hill
wekwaayaajimo vai s/he comes to the end of a story
wekwaayaakwaa vii it is the end of the woods, end of the bush