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/-webin/ final

act on h/ or it (animate) forcefully by hand: fling, throw, shove by hand
Translations of verbs with this final element often identify the action as throwing or shoving (with the hands).
agwaawebin vta throw h/ out of the water
ajidakiiwebin vta throw h/ on the ground head first
ajijiwebin vta flip, turn h/ or it (animate) upside down quickly; throw or fling h/ or it (animate) upside down
amajiwebin vta shake h/ awake
amajwebin vta shake h/ awake
anibewebin vta fling, shove h/ over leaning on h/ side
ashidaakowebin vta fling, shove h/ against a wall or tree
azhewebin vta shove h/ backwards (by hand), throw h/ backwards
aatwaakowebin vta throw h/ up against (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawiwebin vta throw, shove h/ across
aazhigidwebin vta throw h/ over backwards
bagijwebin vta release h/ quickly; throw h/ down quickly
bakewebin vta throw h/ off to the side, off the main path
bakobiiwebin vta throw h/ into the water
baapaawiwebin vta shake h/ or it (animate) off or off forcefully
baazhijiwebin vta throw h/ over
biijwebin vta throw h/ here
biimaskowebin vta spin h/ around
biindaabikiwebin vta throw h/ into an incinerator or stove; shove h/ into a metal container
biindigewebin vta throw h/ inside
biinjiwebin vta [BL] shove or throw h/ or it (animate) in
biinjwebin vta [MN] shove or throw h/ or it (animate) in
biiwaawangiwebin vta scatter h/ (somethine fine)
biiwiwebin vta scatter, disperse h/
boodaakwewebin vta throw h/ in the kettle
boozwebin vta throw h/ aboard
dookiwebin vta poke h/ forcefully
gabaawebin vta throw h/ or it (animate) off a boat or vehicle
gawiwebin vta throw, push, shove h/ down
gaanjwebin vta shove h/ (with hands)
gijiwebin vta pull it (animate) out quickly, dump it (animate) out
ginigawiwebin vta mix h/ by shaking
gizhibaawebin vta spin, whirl, crank h/ forcefully
goshkowebin vta shake h/ awake
gwekiwebin vta turn h/ quickly; flip h/ over
ikokwewebin vta push h/ head out of the way
ikonikewebin vta push h/ arm aside
ikoninjiiwebin vta shove h/ hand aside
ikowebin vta push, shove, toss, throw h/ aside or out of the way (with hands)
ishpiwebin vta throw h/ high
izhiwebin vta throw, toss, shove h/ a certain way or to a certain place
jiichiibiwebin vta rock h/
nagaawebin vta stop h/ forcefully by hand, push h/ back
niisaakiiwebin vta throw h/ downhill
niisiwebin vta throw, push, shove h/ down
ombiwebin vta throw, toss h/ upwards
ombwewebin vta throw it (animate) around in disorder
opimewebin vta flip h/ on h/ side
zaswewebin vta [S] scatter it (animate) (by hand)
zhaabowebin vta throw h/ through; shove h/ through (by hand)
zaagijiwebin vta throw h/ outside
zhingadewebin vta spread it (animate) out (forcefully by hand)
ziswewebin vta scatter it (animate) (by hand)
zhiibaawebin vta throw or shove h/ under something
ziigwebin vta spill h/, pour h/ out, dump h/ out