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/-pid/ final

taste it
ashkipidan vti find that it tastes raw
biijipidan vti taste it, get the taste of it
gojipidan vti sample, taste it; take a taste of it
mayagipidan vti find it tastes strange
maanaagamipidan vti find that it (liquid) tastes bad
maazhipidan vti find it tastes bad, dislike the taste of it
minopidan vti find it tastes good, like the taste of it
minwaagamipidan vti like the taste of it (liquid)
nagajipidan vti be used to the taste of it
nisidopidan vti recognize it by taste
wiisagipidan vti find it tastes bitter, tastes spicy
wiishkobipidan vti find it tastes sweet
zhiiwipidan vti find it tastes sour