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/onzaam-/ initial

too, too much
onzaamadaawe vai s/he overspends
onzaamashkinadoon vti2 overfill it (with solids)
onzaamashkina' vta overfill h/ (with solids)
onzaamashkine vai s/he is overfull (with solids)
onzaamashkine vii it is overfull (with solids)
onzaamaabaawadoon vti2 get it too wet
onzaamaabaawazh vta get h/ too wet
onzaamaabaawe vii it is too wet, is soaked
onzaamaabaawe vai s/he is too wet, is soaked
onzaamaabikide vii it (mineral) is too hot
onzaamaaboono vai s/he slides on something too far; s/he goes past a deadline
onzaamaagonagaa vii there is too much snow
onzaamaajimo vai s/he tells something s/he shouldn't have
onzaamaakide vii it is burnt crisp
onzaamaakiz vta burn h/ to a crisp; burn too much of h/
onzaamaakizan vti burn it crisp; burn too much of it
onzaamaakizo vai s/he is burnt crisp
onzaamaanimad vii it is extremely windy
onzaamaapi vai s/he laughs hard
onzaamendam vai2 s/he gives too much consideration
onzaamendi vai s/he is gone longer than expected, overstays
onzaamenimo vai s/he is elated, is overexcited
onzaami- pv lex too; too much; excessively; extremely
onzaamibadoon vti2 overfill it (with a liquid)
onzaamibagizo vai s/he oversteps, overdoes a deliberate motion
onzaamibatoo vai s/he overruns
onzaamibazh vta give h/ too much to drink; overfill h/ (with liquid)
onzaamibide vii it drives or operates too fast, too far, or excessively
onzaamibizo vai s/he drives too fast or too far, overshoots h/ destination
onzaamibii vai s/he drinks too much
onzaamide vii it is overcooked
onzaamidoon vai [LL] [ML] s/he talks too much
onzaamidoone vai [N] s/he talks too much
onzaamigaamo vai s/he is excessively fat
onzaamigidaazo vai s/he is extremely angry, is irate, is furious
onzaamigiizhwe vai s/he exaggerates, talks too much
onzaami'o vai s/he eats too much
onzaamine vai s/he is very sick
onzaamingwaam vai [ML] s/he oversleeps
onzaamingwaami vai [RL] s/he oversleeps
onzaamingwaamo vai [BL] s/he ovesleeps
onzaamitoon vti2 make too much of it
onzaamiwane vai s/he carries too much in h/ pack
onzaamiz vta overheat, overcook h/
onzaamizh vta cut h/ too much; overcut h/
onzaamizan vti overheat, overcook it
onzaamizhan vti cut it too much
onzaamizo vai s/he is overcooked
onzaamiikan vti overdo, indulge in, be addicted to it
onzaamiikaw vta overdo, indulge in, be addicted to it (animate)
onzaamiinadoon vii there are an excessive number of them; [sing] it is in excessive amount
onzaamiino vai there is a large amount of h/, is too much of h/; [plural] there is a large number of them, is too many of them