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/-'o/ final

make/cause self; wear
bwaanawi'o vai s/he is unable to do something, is disabled; s/he is stuck
gashki'o vai s/he is able; s/he gets free
giziidoone'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) mouth
giizhi'o vai s/he dresses h/ self
giizhoo'o vai s/he dresses warmly
giizhootawage'o vai s/he wears earmuffs
izhi'o vai s/he dresses a certain way
makadewi'o vai s/he wears black
minaago'o vai s/he wears perfume, puts perfume on
mino'o vai s/he dresses well
misko'o vai s/he wears red
onzaami'o vai s/he eats too much
oshki'o vai s/he wears new clothes
ozhaawashko'o vai s/he wears blue, wears green
ozaawi'o vai s/he wears yellow, wears brown
wawaabishe'o vai the sun has sun dogs
wawezhi'o vai s/he dresses up; s/he makes up h/ self
waabishki'o vai s/he wears white
wiini'o vai s/he wears dirty clothes
zazegaa'o vai s/he dresses up