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/niizhwaasw-/ initial

niizhwaasogon adv num seven days
niizhwaasogonagad vii it is seven days
niizhwaasogonagizi vai
  1. s/he is seven days old
  2. it is the seventh day of the month
niizhwaasoninj adv num seven inches
niizhwaasosagoons adv num seven thousand
niizhwaasozid adv num seven feet
niizhwaasoobiwag vai seven of them sit together; seven of them are at home
niizhwaasoogaabawiwag vai seven of them stand together
niizhwaasookik adv num seven pails, seven pailfuls
niizhwaasoonag adv num seven boats or canoes, seven boatloads
niizhwaasoopidewan vii seven of them (inanimate) are tied together
niizhwaasoopidoon vti2 tie seven of them (inanimate) together
niizhwaasoopizh vta tie, hitch seven of them (animate) together
niizhwaasoopizowag vai seven of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
niizhwaasooshkimod adv num seven bags; seven bagfuls
niizhwaasooshkin adv num seven bags
niizhwaaswaginzo vai [BL] s/he is the seventh (of the month)
niizhwaaswaabik adv num seven dollars
niizhwaaswaak adv num seven hundred
niizhwaasweg adv num seven pieces of something sheet-like
niizhwaaswewaan adv num seven sets; seven pairs
niizhwaaswi adv num seven