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/niiyo--/ initial

niiyodaabaan adv num four cars, carloads
niiyogonagad vii it is four days
niiyonaagaans adv num four cups, cupsfull
niiyoninj adv num four inches
niiyosagoons adv num four thousand
niiyozid adv num four feet
niiyoogaabawiwag vai four of them stand together
niiyoonagiziwag vai there are four canoes of boats of them
niiyoopidewan vii four of them (inanimate) are tied together
niiyoopidoon vti2 tie four of them (inanimate) together
niiyoopizowag vai four of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
niiyoosinoon vii four of them lie together
niiyooshinoog vai four of them lie together
niiyooshkimod adv num four bags
niiyooshkin adv num four bags