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/-naw/ final

see h/; shoot h/
aawenaw vta identify h/ (by sight)
baasindibenaw vta bust h/ skull or head by shooting
bichinaw vta shoot h/ accidentally
bishkonaw vta shoot and miss h/
biigizawinaw vta see h/ indistinctly, see h/ as blurry
debinaw vta shoot and hit h/ at a distance, reach h/ with a shot
giiwashkwenaw vta shoot and stun h/
izhinaw vta see, perceive h/ a certain way
mayaginaw vta see h/ as strange or different
maakinaw vta shoot and wound h/
minonaw vta like how h/ looks; s/he looks good to one
misawinaw vta wish to have h/; be envious of h/
miikonaw vta shoot and hit h/
nagazinaw vta be used to the sight of h/
nisidawinaw vta recognize h/ (by sight)