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/makadew-/ initial

makade ni black gunpowder
makade- pv lex black
makadeke vai s/he blackens h/ face with charcoal (as when fasting for a vision)
makademik na a black beaver
makadewadaawangaa vii there is black sand, a black beach
makadewadis vta dye, color h/ black
makadewadiso vai s/he is dyed black
makadewadite vii it is dyed black
makadewadowe vai s/he has black fur, has dark fur
makadewakamigaa vii it is black ground
makadewanagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has dark or black bark
makadewazhe vai s/he has dark sklin, black skin
makadewaa vii it (canoe) is black, is dark (in color)
makadewaabate vii it emits black smoke
makadewaabikad vii it is black (as something mineral)
makadewaabikizi vai
  1. s/he is black (as something mineral)
  2. s/he is in eclipse, there is an eclipse (of the sun or moon)
makadewaabiigad vii it is black (as something string-like)
makadewaabiigizi vai s/he is black (as something string-like)
makadewaagamin vii it (a liquid) is black, is dark
makadewaagonagaa vii it is dark dirty snow
makadewaakozi vai s/he is black (as something stick- or wood-like)
makadewaakwad vii it is black (as something stick- or wood-like)
makadewaanakwad vii it is a dark cloud
makadewaanakwagoode vii there are dark clouds in the sky
makadewaande vii it is colored black
makadewaanikwe vai s/he has black hair
makadewaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a black tail
makadewaanzo vai s/he is colored black
makadewaawangad vii it (something granular) is black, is dark
makadewegad vii it is black (as something sheet-like)
makadewegin ni black cloth
makadewegizi vai s/he is black (as something sheet-like)
makadewibii' vta paint h/ black
makadewibii'an vti paint it black
makadewigwan na a black feather
makadewigwane vai s/he (a bird) has black feathers
makadewi' vta make h/ black
makadewi'o vai s/he wears black
makadewijiishkiwagad vii it is black mud
makadewikonaye vai s/he dresses in black
makadewikoozhe vai s/he has a black beak
makadewiminagad vii it (globular) is black
makadewiminagizi vai it (animate; globular) is black
makadewinaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) looks black, appears black
makadewinaagwad vii it looks black, appears black
makadewindibe vai s/he has black hair
makadewiningwii vai s/he has black wings
makadewitigwaane vai [BL] s/he has black hair
makadewitoon vti2 make it black
makadewizi vai s/he is black, is dark
makadewizigwaa vii there is dark ice
makadewiingwe vai s/he has a dark face, a black face