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/jiibw-/ initial

jiiboboozh vta [BL] file or grind it (animate) to a point; saw it (animate) to a point; cut it (animate) to point with a saw
jiiboga'an vti [BL] chop it pointed
jiiboga'wi vta [BL] chop h/ pointed
jiibo' vta [BL] make h/ pointed
jiibokodan vti [BL] carve it so it is pointed, sharpen it to a point (with a blade)
jiibokozh vta [BL] carve h/ so s/he is pointed, sharpen h/ to a point (with a blade)
jiibokoozhe vai [BL] s/he has a pointed bill
jiiboningwii vai [BL] s/he has pointed wings
jiibozhan vti [BL] cut it to a point
jiibozi vai [BL] s/he is pointed
jiibozhwi vta [BL] cut h/ to a point
jiibwadinaa vii [BL] it is a pointed hill
jiibwanashkidii vai [BL] s/he (a bird) has a pointed or sharp tail
jiibwaa vii [BL] it is pointed
jiibwaabikad vii [BL] it is pointed [mineral]
jiibwaabikizi vai [BL] s/he is pointed [mineral]
jiibwaabiigamowag vai [BL] they fly in a v-formation
jiibwaakozi vai [BL] s/he (something wooden or stick-like) is pointed
jiibwaakwad vii [BL] it (something wooden or stick-like) is pointed
jiibwegad vii [BL] it is pointed [sheet-like]
jiibweginan vti fold it (sheet-like) to a point
jiibwegizhan vti [BL] cut it (sheet-like) pointed
jiibwegizi vai [BL] s/he is pointed (sheet-like)