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/-izhw/ final

act on h/ by blade
izho ,izh
akwaabiigizh vta cut h/ (string-like) a certain length
akwegizh vta cut h/ a certain length (sheet-like)
apiichizh vta slice it (animate) so thick, cut it (animate) to such an extent
apiitadezh vta cut h/ so thick; slice h/ so thick
bagozh vta cut a hole in h/ or it (animate)
bagwegizh vta cut a hole in it (animate; sheet-like)
bajiishkizh vta cut h/ to a point
bakidisiizh vta cut h/ umbilcal cord
bakizh vta snip h/ (something string-like) off
bakwadizh vta cut h/ off from something
bakwezh vta cut a piece off h/
baakizh vta cut h/ open
beshaawiganezh vta cut h/ on h/ back
beshizh vta make a cut on h/
bibagizh vta cut h/ thin
bigishkizh vta cut h/ into small pieces, dice h/
bitizh vta cut h/ accidentally
biigozh vta cut up h/ with blade
biisizh vta cut h/ into small pieces, dice h/
biitoozh vta slice a piece off h/, it(animate)
bwaawizh vta be unable to cut h/
dakozh vta cut h/ short
dakozhan vti cut it short
dakwaabiigizh vta cut h/ short (as something string-like)
dakwegizh vta cut h/ (something sheet-like) short
dazhwegizh vta slice, cut it (animate) into sheets or filets
daadozh vta cut h/ apart and open
daashkizh vta cut h/ apart lengthwise
daashkiigizh vta split h/ (something sheet-like)
gagiigizh vta cut out the best part of h/
gakakizh vta cut h/ square
gijiganezh vta cut a bone out of it (animate); debone it (animate)
ginibizhwi vta [NI] cut h/ or it (animate) quickly
ginwaabiigizh vta cut h/ long (as something string-like)
ginwegizh vta cut h/ (something sheet-like) long
gipagizh vta cut h/ thick
giishkaanowezh vta cut h/ (animal) tail off
giishkigaadezh vta cut off h/ leg
giishkigwezh vta cut h/ head off
giishkininjiizh vta cut off h/ hand, finger, or forepaw
giishkizh vta cut it (animate; string-like) off or through
giishkizidezh vta cut h/ foot off
giishkizhigwanezh vta cut the fishtail off h/
gwayakozh vta cut h/ straight
inizh vta cut h/ a certain way
ishkozh vta leave h/ uncut
jiibozhwi vta [BL] cut h/ to a point
jiigizh vta [NI] trim h/ (by cutting); cut h/ close to the edge; cut a thin layer or skin off h/
mamizh vta cut h/ out or off, trim h/ (by cutting)
maadizh vta start cutting h/; operate on h/; perform sugery on h/
nanawizh vta cut h/ up; butcher h/
onaabikizh vta cut h/ (mineral) to shape, cut h/ out of metal
onzaamizh vta cut h/ too much; overcut h/
ozhiigizh vta cut h/ (something sheet-like) to shape
waawiyezh vta cut h/ round, into a circle
webizh vta cut h/ out or off, trim h/ (by cutting)
zhiigozh vta cut h/ up