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/-ingwaam/ final

s/he sleeps
This form is used in Central Minnesota and Wisconsin. See also: /-ingwaamo/ and /-ingwaami/
aapidingwaam vai [S] s/he sleeps and doesn't wake up, dies in h/ sleep
biningwaam vai [S] s/he falls out of bed in h/ sleep
boogidingwaam vai [S] s/he farts in h/ sleep
boozaangwaam vai [ML] s/he is sound asleep, sleeps deeply
daningwaam vai [S] s/he sleeps in a certain place
dewikwengwaam vai [S] s/he has a headache from sleeping too long
gaagiigidongwaam vai [S] s/he talks in h/ sleep
giiwanaadingwaam vai s/he has a bad dream, had a nightmare
madwengwaam vai [ML] s/he snores, makes noise in h/ sleep
mawingwaam vai [S] s/he cries in h/ sleep
maadingwaam vai [S] s/he starts sleeping
maazhingwaam vai s/he sleeps uncomfortably
minongwaam vai [ML] s/he sleeps well
miidingwaam vai s/he dirties the bed
ombiigwewengwaam vai [S] s/he snores really loud
onzaamingwaam vai [ML] s/he oversleeps
zhigingwaam vai [ML] s/he pees in bed, wets the bed