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/-gwaade/ final

it is sewn
apigwaade vii it is sewn onto something as a facing or lining
aaboojigwaade vii it is sewn inside out
aanikoogwaade vii it is sewn on to another piece
biskigwaade vii it is folded and sewn, is hemmed
biitoogwaade vii it has a lining sewn in
gashkigwaade vii it is sewn
gibogwaade vii it is sewn shut
gwayakogwaade vii it is sewn correctly
izhigwaade vii it is sewn a certain way
mazinigwaade vii it is sewn with designs, is embroidered
mazinigwaazo vai s/he is sewn with designs, is embroidered
maazhigwaade vii it is poorly sewn
maazhigwaazo vai s/he is poorly sewn
minogwaade vii it is sewn well
ojibogwaade vii it is puckered