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/-gon-/ medial

dasogon adv num a certain number of days; so many days
dasogonendi vai s/he is gone a certain number of days, is absent a certain number of days
ingodwaasogon adv num six days
ishwaasogon adv num eight days
midaasogon adv num ten days
naanogon adv num five days
naanogonendi vai s/he is gone five days, is absent five days
ningodwaasogon adv num six days
nisogon adv num three days
nisogonendi vai s/he is gone three days, is absent three days
nishwaasogon adv num eight days
niiwogon adv num four days
niiyogon adv num four days
niizhogon adv num two days
niizhogonendi vai s/he is gone two days, is absent two days
niizhwaasogon adv num seven days
zhaangasogon adv num nine days