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/gizhibaa-/ initial

gizhibaabatoo vai s/he runs around in a tight circle
gizhibaabide vii it goes around: spins, whirls, revolves
gizhibaabise vii it spins, whirls, revolves (by itself)
gizhibaabise vai s/he spins, whirls, revolves (by itself)
gizhibaabizo vai s/he spins, whirls, revolves
gizhibaajiwan vii water spins, whirls (as in a whirlpool)
gizhibaakwazhiwe vai s/he paddles around in a tight circle
gizhibaashimo vai s/he dances in a tight circle, spins dancing
gizhibaawebin vta spin, whirl, crank h/ forcefully
gizhibaawebinan vti spin, whirl, crank it forcefully
gizhibaayaaboode vii it spins in the current or eddy
gizhibaayaadage vai s/he swims in a circle
gizhibaayaagimose vai she snowshoes around in a circle
gizhibaayaakowebishkan vti roll it (as a log)
gizhibaayaanakwad vii clouds whirl around
gizhibaayaanimad vii it is a whirlwind
gizhibaayaasin vii it spins, whirls in the wind
gizhibaayaashi vai s/he spins in the air, whirls in the wind [nid:502239]