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/gagwaanisag-/ initial

terrible, awful
gagwaanisagad vii it is terrible
gagwaanisagakamig adv man terrible, awful, horrible, disgusting
gagwaanisagendam vai2 s/he thinks things terrible, horrible, disgusting; s/he is horrified
gagwaanisagendan vti think it terrible, think it disgusting
gagwaanisagenim vta think h/ terrible, think h/ disgusting
gagwaanisagi' vta do something terrible to h/
gagwaanisagimaagozi vai s/he smells terrible
gagwaanisagimaagwad vii it smells terrible
gagwaanisagimaam vta find s/he smells terrible
gagwaanisagimaandan vti find it smells terrible
gagwaanisagimaaso vai s/he smells terrible cooking or burning
gagwaanisagimaate vii it smells terrible cooking or burning
gagwaanisaginaagozi vai s/he looks terrible
gagwaanisaginaagwad vii it looks terrible
gagwaanisaginigwad vii it is extremely heavy
gagwaanisagipogozi vai s/he tastes terrible
gagwaanisagipogwad vii it tastes terrible
gagwaanisagitaagozi vai s/he sounds terrible
gagwaanisagitaagwad vii it sounds terrible
gagwaanisagizi vai s/he is mean, is terrible