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/-gaad-/ medial

body part
akwaakogaade vai h/ leg is so long, legs are so long
ayekogaade vai s/he is tired in h/ leg
aabitawigaad adv loc halfway up a leg
babaagigaade vai s/he has swollen legs
baagigaade vai s/he has a swollen leg or swollen legs
baapaazagogaade vai s/he has scratches on h/ legs
baatayiinogaade vai it (animate) has many legs
biinisigaade vai s/he has a numb leg or numb legs
bookogaade vai s/he breaks h/ (own) leg, has a broken leg
dadaakogaade vai s/he has short legs
dakogaade vai s/he has a short leg or short legs
dakwaakogaade vai s/he has a short leg or short legs
dazhwaakogaade vai s/he has h/ leg or legs spread out
dewigaade vai s/he has an ache in h/ leg
gagaanwaakogaade vai s/he has long legs
gaagiijigaade vai s/he has a sore leg
ginagigaade vai [BL] h/ leg is itchy
ginwaakogaade vai s/he has a long leg or long legs
gizhiibigaade vai h/ leg itches
giikimanigaade vai h/ leg is asleep, legs are asleep; h/ leg feels numb, legs feel numb
giishkigaade vai s/he has a leg or legs cut off
ishkigaade vai h/ leg is tired, legs are tired
izhigaade vai s/he has such a leg or such legs
jiibadaakogaade vai s/he has a stiff leg
jiibajigaade vai s/he has a stiff leg
mamaangigaade vai s/he has big legs
mangigaade vai s/he has a big leg or big legs
maakigaade vai s/he has a lame leg
michigaade vai s/he is bare-legged
miniiwigaade vai s/he has an infected leg
miskogaadeyaab ni yarn
miskwiiwigaade vai s/he has bloody leg
miishigaade vai s/he has hairy legs
nabanegaade vai s/he has only one leg
niboowigaade vai s/he has a paralyzed leg
ojibinigogaade vai s/he gets cramps in h/ leg
ojiishigaade vai s/he has a scar on h/ leg
omigiiwigaade vai s/he has a scab or scabs on h/ leg or legs
oziigigaade vai s/he has wrinkled legs
wawaagigaade vai s/he is bow-legged
waagigaade vai s/he is bowlegged
wiinigaade vai s/he has dirty legs
zhaashaaginigaade vai s/he is bare-legged