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/-booN/ final

act on h/ by sawing, abrading
boon , boozh
agaasiboozh vta saw, file h/ small
akwaakoboozh vta saw it (animate; stick-like) to a certain length, saw it (animate; stick-like) so long)
bagoneboozh vta saw or drill a hole in it (animate)
bajiishkiboozh vta saw, grind h/ to a point
bakweboozh vta saw a piece off h/
basiboozh vta file or plane a groove in h/
bigishkiboozh vta grind it (animate) up
biigoboozh vta break h/ by abrasion (sawing, filing, grinding)
biisiboozh vta grind, mill, grate h/; saw h/ into small pieces
biiwiboozh vta saw or grind it (animate) into small particles
bookoboozh vta saw h/ in two
bookwaabikiboozh vta break it (animate; [mineral/metal) by filing or sawing
daashkiboozh vta saw it (animate) apart lengthwise
gakakiboozh vta saw it (animate) into blocks
gawiboozh vta saw h/ down
giiniboozh vta sharpen h/ (by filing or grinding)
giishkiboozh vta saw h/ off
gwayakoboozh vta saw h/ straight
jaagiboozh vta grind, mill, grate h/
jiiboboozh vta [BL] file or grind it (animate) to a point; saw it (animate) to a point; cut it (animate) to point with a saw
maajiboozh vta start sawing, start filing h/
ozhiboozh vta saw or file it (animate) to shape
zhaagawiboozh vta file it (animate) oblong or oval; saw it (animate) oblong or oval
zisiboozh vta file, grind h/ down
zhooshkoboozh vta smooth h/ (by abrasion)