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/biitaw-/ initial

extra layer
biitawagoode vai she wears one dress under another, wears a slip
biitawazhe vai s/he has another blanket on
biitawazhigane vai s/he has another pair of socks on
biitoobidoon vti2 split it into layers with hands
biitoobizh vta split h/ into layers with hands
biitoogamaa vii it is a lake parallel to or above another
biitoogamig ni [BL] a porch
biitoogwaadan vti sew a lining in it
biitoogwaade vii it has a lining sewn in
biitookizine vai s/he wears overshoes
biitookonaye vai s/he wears layers (as underwear)
biitoosidoon vti2 put it in between as a layer
biitoosin vii it lies in a layer
biitooshim vta put h/ in between as a layer
biitooshin vai s/he lies in a layer
biitoozh vta slice a piece off h/, it(animate)
biitoozhan vti slice a piece off it