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/biin-/ initial

biinabi vai s/he lives in a clean place
biinad vii it is clean
biinakamigaa vii it is clean ground
biinate vai s/he has a clean house or room
biinazhe vai s/he has clean skin
biinaabaawazo vii s/he cleans h/ self with water, rinses off, takes a shower
biinaabaawe vai s/he is washed off clean
biinaabaawe vii it is washed off clean
biinaabide vai s/he has clean teeth; h/ teeth are clean
biinaabikad vii it (mineral) is clean
biinaabika'an vti wipe it (mineral) clean (using something)
biinaabikizi vai s/he is clean (as something mineral)
biinaabiigad vii it (something string-like) is clean
biinaabiigizi vai s/he (something string-like) is clean
biinaagamin vii it (a liquid) is clean
biinaakiz vta clean h/ by burning
biinaakizan vti clean it by burning
biinaanziye vai s/he has a clean diaper
biinaasindoon vti2 clean it in the wind, winnow it
biini- pv lex clean, pure
biinidoon vai [ML] s/he has a clean mouth
biinidoone vai [N] s/he has a clean mouth
biiniganzhii vai s/he has a clean nail or clean nails
biini' vta clean h/
biinijaane vai s/he has clean nose; h/ nose is clean
biinimaagozi vai s/he smells clean
biinimaagwad vii it smells clean
biininaagozi vai s/he looks clean
biininaagwad vii it looks clean
biininike vai s/he has a clean arm or clean arms
biinisagaa vii it (floor or wall) is clean
biinitawage vai s/he has a clean ear or clean ears
biinitoon vti2 clean it
biinizi vai s/he is clean
biiniigad vii it is clean (sheet-like)
biiniigizi vai s/he is clean (sheet-like)
biiniingwe vai s/he has a clean face