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/bengw-/ initial

dry, not wet on the surface
bengobagaa vii there are dry leaves
bengobide vii it spin dries
bengode vii it cooks dry
bengodenaniwe vai h/ tongue is dry
bengodoone vai s/he has a dry mouth
bengojiishkiwagad vii it (something mud-like) is dry
bengojiishkiwagaa vii there is dry mud
bengojiishkiwagizi vai it (animate; mud-like) is dry
bengopon vii there is dry snow falling
bengoshin vai s/he goes dry
bengoz vta dry h/ with heat
bengozi vai s/he or it (animate) dries, is dry
bengozo vai s/he is cooked dry (without grease or water), is grilled
bengwadaawangaa vii there is dry sand, is a dry beach
bengwadowezo vai its (animate) fur dries
bengwa' vta dry h/ (using something)
bengwa'an vti dry it (using something)
bengwakamigaa vii it is dry ground
bengwan vii it is dry, dries
bengwanaamo vai s/he has dry breath
bengwashkaasin vii it (stalk, plant) dries in the wind
bengwashkisin vii it (stalk, plant) dries, dries up, gets dry
bengwashkiigaa vii it is a dry muskeg
bengwazhe vai s/he has dry skin
bengwaabi vai s/he has a dry eye or dry eyes
bengwaabika'an vti dry it (mineral or metal) (using something)
bengwaabikiz vta boil h/ dry
bengwaabikizan vti boil it dry
bengwaagonagaa vii there is dry snow
bengwaakozi vai it (animate; stick-like) is dry
bengwaakwad vii it (stick-like) is dry
bengwaandagaa vii the boughs are dry
bengwaandagizi vai it (animate; bough) is dry
bengwaanikwe vai s/he has dry hair
bengwaanikweyaashi vai s/he dries h/ hair in the wind, gets h/ hair dry in the wind
bengwaasidoon vti2 let it dry in the wind
bengwaasin vii it blows dry
bengwaashi vai s/he blows dry
bengwegad vii it (sheet-like) is dry
bengwegide vii it (sheet-like) dries by heat or fire
bengwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is dry from heat or fire
bengwegizo vai it (animate; sheet-like) dries by heat or fire